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Feeling Contentment

September 28, 2017


Everyone would love to feel more contentment I'm sure. It's human nature to want to feel comfortable, and to try to drive away any discomfort that comes our way. That's where addictions come in, we use them to comfort and distract, and to try to give ourselves a feeling of contentment.

But most know that leads to a heavier sense of discontent, as we become aware that it's not doing it for us anymore. And is leading to unhealthy outcomes for us. 

Working just with the addiction  does not clear us to receive real contentment and inner peace, and can only lead us back to addiction if we haven't become clear about what it is that drives us.

Our drives and desires that are not being met, that may be hidden under our distractions can come from childhood needs unmet. I find these days that my clients don't need to be dragging up long over told stories about their past, but instead can be helped by looking at what it is they really want, and clearing any blocks to that. Clinical therapeutic Hypnotherapy is a powerful and safe way to contact our real inner self and connect to bringing ourselves into a more self accepting and self loving state.


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